Pink wedding photos without faces

Toisen serkun häistä pari kuvaa ilman kasvoja.Minusta nämä toimii ihan hyvin kasvottomina ja kuvat pikkuisista ovat niin söpöjä.Ehkä näissä keskittyy enemmän tunnelmaan kuin itse kohteeseen.

Few old photos from my cousin´s wedding. I think they are almost better without faces. You concentrate more in to the feeling than the subject it self.


  1. Hello Ivo. There is no such blog as click photoshera or the link is not working:)

  2. Bravo, Henrietta, these are beautiful - I particularly like the last one of the little girl. I love the soft focus and your framing is exquisite!

  3. Your photography is beautiful! I enjoyed reading through your blog and will be back :)

  4. Hermosos detalles y tratamiento del color.

    Your photos are full of sensibility.

  5. Alla dina bilder är så vackra. Just beskärningen gör dem så intressanta. Och färgtema för de olika inläggen håller ihop de olika bilderna så bra. /Ulla Laiho

  6. Kyllä todellakin, sen tunnelman aistii kuvistasi niin hyvin! UPEAT kuvat!! Tuo viimeinen kuva, niin herkän suloinen!:)

  7. Your photographs are very beautiful! I loved the green door a few posts back!
    To answer your question about about studio light. No, I don't use any studio light - only natural light. But what I do use are quite large foam boards and reflectors that bounce the light.
    All the best,
    Ingrid x

  8. Thank you all for dropping by and your nici nice and very nice comment.My favourite is also the last picture, it is JUST so CUTE little girl.She is the brides childl and she is sitting on her grandmothers lap.
    Thank you Ingrid for your answer
    Have a nice day folks:

  9. Very lovely, Henrietta! Yes, they are more artistic without faces showing. Have a great weekend! g

  10. I love your photos, Henrietta, really wonderful!!


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