Välillä meinaa olla olo kuin tällä koiranputkella, nuupahtanut ja kuivunut. 
Kertokaa jotain hauskaa...

I feel like this dead plant. Tell me something funny...


  1. Facebookissa on tänään pyörinyt tämä linkki, joka minusta oli kovin hauska:

  2. Oh no, I want to rescue you from feeling like that, but I don't tell jokes very well!!

    Dearest Henrietta, your photos are SO gorgeous, even when they portray a wilting, tired plant. I don't think I have asked you before, but are you a professional photographer? Your images really are so artistic!

    Hope your Friday lifts your spirits and that your weekend brings you joy!

    Love from Helena, The Swenglish Home (and thank you once more for your kind comments on my blog)

  3. your image is very creative and expressive and deep.

  4. Kiitos Nina nuo oli hauskoja mut toisaalta ihan järkeenkäypiä:)

    Thanks for chearing up me with your kind words Helena and answer to your question I'm not a professional photographer (but thank you of thought). I work with pictures but not takeing them.

    layers-Thanks you very much and I see you have make something new and wonderful yourself. I have to come visit:)

  5. I love this picture :)

  6. Nuupahtaneeksi ja kuivuneeksi aika makeen näköinen:)))


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