Sunday Series 52

First  I really didn't have any idea what to shoot for glass challenge. I wondered around my home and thinking what can I do, broken glass might be beautiful but I don't have any glass which I really want brake so let's try something else. I didn't want to shoot just different glasses, I wanted to do something different and then I though glass in glass and water, maybe little too much but let's try. I noticed there was no color so I put different things to the glass like tomatoes and little flower leaves from hydrangea. When I saw pictures in my computer I wasn't so happy for the result but then I thought how about cropping for just details of the pictures and then I was little more happy. I like this abstraction of the glass and water (with dust and hair in the water). I'm not still totally happy but I have tried:)
I'm so sorry this challenge is ending but I totally understand Nancy. The idea of this challenge (three  different pictures of the same subject) was the best idea for the some time and I really enjoy to doing this, let's hope it will come back or if somebody else will continue it!
Thank you Nancy.


  1. I really like them! they are pretty unusual and very beautiful!

  2. Very , very interesting pictures ! I like them a lot ! I must confess , I was for a few days to the Black Sea , and when I come back , your blog was the first to check for new posts :) . I know that I find always something very , very deligthful here ... I saw that you made also some textures for us ... Thank you ! Big progresses every day ! I'm sorry to hear that to you , the summer it's gone .In Romania , we still have 30 degrees ...

  3. Nice use of glass... unusual and fluid.


  4. Again, a beautiful series of shots. Your display of your images is always so very interesting!!

  5. wow, those are truly stunning!

    thanks for saring.

    what great perspective and colours!
    nicely done:)

  6. Lovely pictures...the colors are stunning.
    Hard to pick a favorite..

    I'm also sorry to read Nancy will be discontinuing this weekly assignment - I'm interesting in keeping it going until which time Nance is ready to take back the reins with her creative ideas.

    Enjoy your day!

  7. I like your choices, Henrietta. So creative!

  8. What a creative idea Henrietta, love the tomatoes and hydrangea leaf and the texture of the cuts in the glass, last three. What a great effect!


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