Look up

You see the sky when you look for hope
The hope that the cool breeze will hit your warm face
On a hot sky lit by the afternoon light

You look up at the sky when your imagination is running free
You look to the clouds to see crazy things in your imagination 
Like a zoo for the day dreamer or the wisher

You look at the sky to see the stars dancing around the evening sun 
The evening skies are the most gorgeous thing to a painter 
The sky paint’s it’s own painting with the colors of the heavens 
By Thomas Hurley


  1. Valtavan upeat taivaat! Todella kauniit kuvat!

  2. Wow mikä tunnelma kuvissa, aivan ihania!

  3. These are simply amazing photos, Henrietta! Your color edit is perfect for them, too.

  4. These are fabulous. Great light and sky.


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