I leave to my friends

Last will
I leave to my friends
a cerulean blue for flying high
a cobalt blue for happiness
an ultramarine blue for stimulating the spirit
a vermilion for making your blood flow with joy
a moss green for calming your nerves
a golden violet for reverie
a madder that makes you hear the cello
a barium yellow: science fiction, brilliance, flash
a yellow ochre for accepting the earth
a Veronese green for remembering spring
an indigo to make your spirit accord with the storm
an orange to train your vision of a distant lemon tree
a lemon yellow for grace
a pure white: purity
terra siena: the transmutation of gold
a sumtuous black for looking at Titian
a raw umber to help you accept black melancholy
a bumt sienna to remind you of duration

-Vieira da Silva-

Ei hätää en ole laatimassa testamenttiä mutta teksti tuli vastaan netissä, se on hyvin kaunis ja koskettava.

Nothing to worry about, I'm not making my last will yet but this came up and I find it very beautiful and touching.


Floral Love


  1. Wow, just love the poem, the color and the feel of this image...somehow it reminds me of a ballet peace...strange as it may seem, I know...
    There is just something in this picture I am so drawn to....if I could only get what it is...may be it's the total surrender to the death of the flesh, or something....
    Have a wonderful summer :-))
    All the best :-))

  2. Love how your photo is edited and displayed on your page. Love the deep velvety rich color of the flower. :)

  3. This is extremely beautiful, Henrietta. What an amazing message. And your image is haunting and celebrates the passing beauty. Really something special.

    (I'm glad you let us know you're not going anywhere. :))


  4. Wonderful photo, Henrietta !
    And a great poem, love it !
    Nice evening,

  5. You had me worried there for a minute. I would miss your beautiful photos and your travel posts. Valerie

  6. What a beautiful poem this is, Henrietta.
    Thank you for sharing it here.

  7. Awesome focus and color, I love your poem.

  8. Oikein hyvvää huomenta kammarista ! Kaunista luettavvaa näin aamutuiman ratoksi ja tuonne etellisen postauksen Lovviisan pitäs Lovviisankin vielä joskus päästä :)

  9. Oi oi mitkä kuvat taas kerran!

  10. Lovely poem matches with your beautiful picture.At first I was a little concerned about but I quicly understood...Haha!!!

  11. Kaunis ja koskettava - todellakin! Kuten kuvatkin. Ihana hauras kukkanen.
    Kiitos kovasti kun linkitit - vietä ihana päivä!

  12. Beautiful, wonderful textures. I love how much beauty there can be in decay.

  13. Your images are always so perfect! Love this.

  14. Voi himmetti, että nää kuvat ovat ihania....ei sanat riitä....


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