Amsterdamin satu jatkuu kuvina

Kotonahan mä ole, tuuli tuivertaa, paleltaa ja ei hotsita. Mutta onneksi on niin paljon käymäti Damin kuvia läpi että voin jatkaa ihanaa eloani Amsterdamissa kuvien kautta, eiks oo ihanaa:)

So I'm back in my boring life in Finland but I have so much pictures from Amsterdam that I can continue my fairytale there through these pictures:)


  1. No on ihanaa,
    katsoa näitä,
    niissä ei tuuli tuiverra.

  2. Beautiful collage! I would love to go to Amsterdam someday, although you make Finland look like a fairytale too.

  3. Ah, the end of a journey...always sad to leave a vacation behind. But you have some amazing pictures to help you remember your wonderful time there.

  4. At least you have all of these lovely pictures to look back on to revisit your holiday.

  5. Such beauty! I love the fence and the perspective!

  6. I understand the fairytale when I see your pictures - though I`ve been in Amsterdam. Give good memories. lovely :0)

  7. This is the best part about photography - it lets you relive your holidays once you've returned to reality!

  8. I love all these details, Henrietta. Beautiful light and so much charm! You can keep the fairytale alive with your photos. :)

    Wishing you a happy Sunday!

    (btw, google translated your post to say "I'm back in my boring life in Ireland". Um, I don't think so??



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