Restaurant Day Helsinki

Oho taas vierähti tovi :) Juu Puolan kuvia tulee kenties jo illemmalla mutta pakko eka postata eilisiä Ravintolanpäivän kuvia ennenko happanee. Jessus et mä tykkää Ravintolapäivän kansainvälisestä fiiliksestä, ruokaa löytyneen joka maailman kolkasta ja aivan mahtavia ihmisiä.

We had Restaurant Day yesterday, I don't know do you know the concept but it's like everyone can put up the food stand somewhere and sell home made food. People get together share food experiences, chat and enjoy eating little snacks outside. I love this concept, it's like you can have food all over the world as there is people from so many nations.


  1. Namskis mitä kuvia! Mäkin olin eilen Helsingissä, mutta saavuin vasta klo 18 maissa joten useampi koju oli jo ovensa sulkenut. Rautatieaseman kulmilla oli aika värikästä meininkiä ainakin.

  2. Even your portrait photos are awesome Henrietta - is there nothing that looks stunning through your lens? What a great fun day that must be. I love the African ladies with their wonderful, colorful fabrics and head wraps.

    I'm home now after a very interesting Danube and Rhine rivers cruise, Budapest to Amsterdam - saw some beautiful places along the way. Will be heading back to my original home town in England next month with our youngest granddaughter who is graduating from high school - it will be her gift as she hasn't visit since she was 8 years old!

    Happy Spring - Mary X

  3. Interesting slices of life in your town. Wonderful photography.


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