Wandering in Rome


Maybe all we're doing is wandering
Walking around
Until we find out our destination
But the best places come from those
Who do not plan
Who don't know where exactly they're going
Those who just go  along with it
And maybe that's why we don't always go the right path
We fought against wandering around and just went

(from hellopoetry.com by Mostly numb)


  1. Vau mikä elämys taas ihailla kuviasi! :D

  2. Beautiful shots, Henrietta. I love the bw processing. It gives a special mood to your pictures. LG Su

  3. Rooma on unohtumaton paikka, monta muistoa on sieltä minulle jäänyt.

  4. Wonderful images of Rome! I have very fond memories of my 4 day holiday there in 2010.


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