To Japan


Ei siinä mitään että Japanissa oli maanjäristys, tuli tsunami ja nyt vielä räjähti ydinvoimala Fukushimassa.
Ei voi sanoa mitään, ei kertakaikkiaan tajua mitä kaikkea siellä tapahtuu!?!? Yksi lukijoistani Suiren on Japanista ja toivon että Suiren on hengissä.

This is so shocking news what has happened in Japan,  earthquake, tsunami and now explosion in nuclear power station in Fukushima. One of readers is from Japan and really hope Suiren is alive and well.

What did I do in photoshop: 

I copied backround layer twice
1 layer used high pass filter....soft light 100%
2 layer used gaussion blur....soft light 100%
add my own light texture...soft light 100%
add Kim Klassen warm vignette....soft light 100%
used mask with warm vignette texture and clean up the flower from texture.



  1. Toivottavasti hän on kunnossa!!!! <3

  2. Minä odotan siskoa pois sieltä,
    huomenna iltapäivällä voin huokaista.

  3. Traagista, totaalista tuhoa hetkessä!

  4. Lovely Texture Twist! Thanks for sharing your steps!!

  5. It is devastating, very sad indeed.

    On a pretty note, your first image is so lovely and poetic...perfect for this post...looks like a japanese peony.

  6. Minä toivon sinne enkeleitä!

  7. Beautiful work, always! Thank you for sharing your 'recipe' for the image; I can always use them!

  8. Very lovely. The second picture is like a painting.

  9. that's sooo beautiful! thanks for sharing the infor about editing... Have a nice weekend!

  10. Usch ja, man har svårt att riktigt förstå omfattningen av katastrofen. Trots alla nyhetsinslag.
    Så nytt och fräscht du gjort! Härliga foton med recept...tack för det!
    Kram Ninni

  11. Kyllä on ollut hiljainen olo tässä maailman järistyksiä katsellessa. Kuvasi herkkyys ja värit sopivat hyvin Japaniin.

  12. Have you heard from the japanese blogger friend??? I hope all is well.

  13. No I haven't, she hasn't answer but I hope the best. There is big power issues in Japan so maybe it is possible to get in internet or something...

  14. Sad thins happen, and we can't do enything to stop them.

  15. Hello Dear Henrietta and everyone!
    I am very sorry for that I could not come and answer. I could not use my computer since the earthquake. I and my family are safe.
    My home is in Kanto area(saitama-pref.),about 300 south from Miyagi.
    Comparing to people in Tohoku area, we are safe. And I am praying for the victims there also!

    Having said that, we still have earthquakes constantly here and are living under the fear of radioactivity.. We do not know what will happen next..

    So, I can not tell you enough how your comments are encouraging!!!!!!

    Thank you sooooo much for your concerns!!!!!

  16. Stunning, STUNNING image. Again! :-)

    Love, Helena

  17. And lovely to see your friend is ok and has replied above!

    My thoughts are with the people of Japan.



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