"The species that has appeared most often in art since the fifteenth century is the German flag (Iris germanica), although many other species and hybrids appear, especially in seventeenth-century paintings. In general, the iris symbolizes kingship and majesty, both worldly and celestial. In heraldry, the lily appears as a fleur-delish in the arms of the rulers of Florence and France and their families, as well as the arms of various cities in France and Germany. Many medieval sources cite the iris as a symbol of Christ or divine rule, and a symbol of the Virgin as Heavenly queen."
from the book:
Belief in Nature (flowers with a message) by Sam Segal.

With these Irises from my garden I wish you a nice weekend my friends!


  1. sehr schön!
    Lieben Gruß und schönes Wochenende,*Manja*

  2. Upeat kuvat!
    Hyvää viikonloppua sinnekin!

  3. Fantastiskt vackert, favoritblommor!

  4. Sulla onkin todella upeat kuvat blogissasi - ilo katsella :) Ihanaa kesää sinulle <3

  5. Gorgeous, fantastic, absolutely lovely, Henrietta!!!
    I love your style and editing. ;-)

  6. Taivaallisen upea kukka ja taidokkaat muotokuvat niistä! En tiedä, miksi nämä eivät viihdy mökkimaisemissa. Kevätkurjenmiekat vielä joten kuten jaksavat kukkia, mutta kurjenmiekat tekevät vain lehdistön eivätkä kuki. Jokin on siis vialla, mutta en tiedä, mikä.


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