Beneath the intricate network of noise
there's a still more persistent tapestry
woven of whispers, murmurs and chants

It's the heaving breath of the very earth
carrying along the prayer of all things:
trees, ants, stones, creeks and mountains alike

All giving silent thanks and remembrance
each moment, as a tug on a rosary bead
while we harry past, heedless of the mysteries

And, yet, every secret wants to be told
every shy creature to approach and trust us
if  only we patiently listen, with all our senses.

Breath by Yahia Lababidi


  1. wundervoll!!
    Liebe Grüße,*Manja*

  2. Som vanligt är jag full av beundran för dina bilder!

  3. Niin kaunista!! Päivänkakkarat on kyllä niin suloisia!

  4. Beautiful images and that is one amazing poem! Thank you for sharing. x

  5. Beautiful words and images. Ox-eye daisies are my favorite.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous images!!


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