Naapurista kuuluu imuroinnin ääniä, pääministeri on vieraanaYkkösaamussa, minä juo kahvia ja katselen Lontoon kuvia muistellen hetkiä kuvien takana. Vettä tihuttelee, olis treffit vanhan kansanopistokaverin kanssa jota en ole nähnyt varmaan kymmeneen vuoteen. Kynnet pitäis leikata ja pyykit kuivumassa. Tajunnanvirtaa ja Charlie hymyilee!
Hyvää huomenta:)

I'm just sitting here and drinking coffee, listening what our Prime Minister is talking on television. My neighbour is wacuuming, it's raining and I have date with my old  friend which I haven't seen like in ten years. I'm going through pictures from London and remembering the moments behind every picture. Nothing of these has anything to do with anything, it is morning and I have no idea what I'm talking about but Charlie smiles!
Good morning:)


  1. You've got some intriguing shots there!

  2. Ei himmetti,että olet hyvä kuvantekijä. Upeita!

  3. Fabulous - London like most people never notice. I'll be there in June, just a quick visit, hope I get some good photos, but know they will never be as wonderful as yours Henrietta. You are the best!
    Happy weekend - Mary

  4. Oh...what a fabulous selection of London images! I know I'll never see them in person, but I love seeing what you capture when you travel....or when you stay home!

  5. Fabulous shots. I am longing for a day out in London. Always seem to be busy with other things though. Hopefully soon.


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