Happy Independence Day Finland

Ei mitään suurempaa analyysia itsenäisyydestä, mutta mikä Suomessa on parasta on luonto. Jos jotain kaipasin esim. Madridissa joka kuitenkin on oikea suurkaupunki verrattuna Helsinkiin oli luonto, metsän/maan tuoksu, vesistö ja hiljaisuus. 
Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää!

Today it's Finland's Independence Day. The best thing in Finland it's the nature, I will cherish and celebrate the finnish nature. 
Have a great weekend!

(Watch the video above and see more about finnish nature)


  1. Great atmosphere and light! Compliments from me.
    Jette Majken

  2. Happy Independence Day! I went online to acquaint myself with Finland's history.

    You do her proud through your gorgeous photography!

  3. Beautiful photos! Enjoy your Holiday!

  4. Meidän luonto on kyllä todella kaunis, ja löytyy niin monenlaista maisemaa.

  5. Hi! Congratulations for your Independence day.Your photos are very beautiful. It is very famous that Finlandia composed by Shibelius had a big role for independence.against Russia. Thanks for sharing ,Kiitos.

  6. I am a little late but I want to say Happy Independance Day to all too. Your photos of the nature are beautiful. I love to see the water. That is why I garden here on the shores of Lake Michigan in USA. I often try to show the lake as a backdrop to my garden photos. I much enjoyed my visit to your blog today. Jack


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