1. And I'm glad you do! Great shots.

  2. Bardzo ładne zdjęcia i wymowne. Patrzysz z ławki na morze :-). Tez bym tak robiła.Pozdrawiam.*** Very nice pictures and eloquent. You watch from the bench on the sea :-). I also did so. Yours.

  3. Dear Henrietta,

    I am running out of words to describe your stunning photography! I seem to only be able to stutter STUNNING every blog post I catch up with here... The Spanish alley, the tulips, the Finnish winter, the orange - all unique in their own way, and all breathtakingly stunning - see, there it was again, STUNNING!

    You are a true artist, you see the world through a magnificent eye and lens, and you are such an inspiration to me! If only I could find more time to practise!

    Big hug from a Swenglish blog friend drowning in work at the moment...

  4. Ilosta pakkasaamua kammarista ! Oikia enerkiapommikuva tuolla etellisessä postauksessa, pittää tutkia kauppaasi illemmalla :)

  5. The left part of the photo took all of my attention. It's very beautiful in its own way.

  6. The bench is very special. Nice picture combination.


  7. Hih, mä luin yltiönopeesti tekstin ekaksi: i want to see, i want to see. Mietin, että no kohta se pääsee näkemään, pääsee, pääsee =) Mutta sitten luin oikein ja miten oikeassa oletkaan. Se on meidän katsojien silmissä, se kauneus.

    Ihana kuvapari. Paljain jaloin tuolla tepsutteleminen tuntuu ihan erilaiselta.

  8. Moi Henrietta,

    This bench is screaming "Spain" to me. I don't know about that beach, but that bench is so spanish looking.

    1. It is from Spain my trip from last November. I want to come to Spain and you want to come here....what can we do!


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