Winter Light

Nappasin maljakosta oksan harsokukkaa ja nappasin ulkona kuvan. Meillä on satanut vihdoinkin lunta maahan mikä antaa hieman valoa. Minusta tähän tuli aivan ihania haaleita sävyjä. Kyllä luonnonvalo on aina kauneinta kun sitä vaan on. Tämä oli varmaan eka kerta kun nappasin kuvan ulkona kahteen kuukauteen.

I shoot first time outside in two months. We had little snow which gives little more light in this dark period so I used it and I crapped this little flower from vase and took it outside to shoot. I just love the pale tones of the winter light. In my opinion the natural light is the best light if you just have it and we haven't had it:)


  1. Wonderful work Henrietta!

    I prefer natural light too and never use my photocube hihi. I can't wait until the sun shows her face more often.

    Sending you lots of sunbeams and a big hug, xxx!

  2. So happy you got some light!!! Beautiful!!

  3. I surely agree with you about the light Henrietta!
    So glad you got out to get these beautiful photographs. Such wonderful softness and tones.

    Thank you so very much for sharing with us this week at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a great evening!


  4. The lighting is incredible - so dreamy! Beautiful...

  5. I love natural light, too. We haven't had the best one for a while now but sunset are stunning so I am shooting those. The red flower in your last post is just great!

  6. Kjære Henrietta!
    Er det ok at jeg skriver på norsk til deg?!
    Hjertelig takk for dine generøse kommentarer på min side. De varmer.

    Du tar vidunderlige bilder, som om fotografiene skulle vært hentet fra en drøm.

    Ha en god tirsdag!


  7. To prawda, nawet i nas są kłopoty z robieniem zdjęć na zewnątrz. Zdjęcie jednak jest śliczne i zrobiłaś bardzo ładny kolaż . Pozdrawiam.

    It is true, and we are even having trouble with taking pictures outside. But picture is beautiful and did a very nice collage. Yours.

  8. such a beautiful selection of shots.

  9. This is beautiful - I love the dual tones and the selective focus effect of your depth of field.

  10. The light made for some beautiful tones!

  11. what a beautiful white mosaic! thanks for sharing with us :)

  12. Beautiful, it is so soft looking in the natural light.

  13. Todella hienot kuvat. Värit on hyvät ja ehkä tuo ulkoilma jopa näkyy väreilynä kuvissa.


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