Free textures by me

 I think I'm really bored or exited for doing these. I made another texture for you to use free. Here are the examples how they look in Photoshop with different blending modes.
I have now 3 textures for you; 1.kesäpäivä, 2.kanerva, 3. laasti.
You can download them here.

If you want to join in Google+ and need an invitation let me know, I send you I just need your email where to send that.
I think Google+ will be more photographic friendly than Facebook....who knows, that is just what I think.


  1. Laitahan kutsu: Kokeilin jo tuota kesäpäivää, vielä pitää vähän harjoitella, kun ei photaria, niin työskentelen vähän alkeellisemmalla ohjelmalla, en edes muista sen nimeä.

  2. Laitoin kutsun tuleen. Mä en ole koskaan kokeillut mutta sellainen ilmainen ohjelma kun Gimp netissä ladattavissa jolla on photoshopmaisia ominaisuuksia, näin ovat kertoneet.

  3. I saw your other two textures on G+ and loved them! Can't wait to try them out. So generous of you to share your time and talents. I agree with you also that G+ will be better for photography sharing. :)

  4. Love your shot! My fave is the vivid light photo.

    Cassy from Beginner Free Guitar Lessons

  5. These are all so good, Henrietta. I will totally be using them. :) Great job!

  6. Beautiful texture work and wonderful textures. Thanks for sharing !!!

  7. Taidokkaasti tehty blogi, ja monipuolinen.Tervetuloa myös mun tois puol jokkee.t. pipsa


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