World Pillow Fight 2017 - Helsinki

Yesterday was World Pillow Fight day, we had a shitty weather but people came anyway. It was so fun again, this just makes you smile no matter what.

Click the pictures and they get bigger.


  1. Wow, you really captured the fun they were having in your pix Henrietta. As they say "no bad weather, just the wrong clothes" - and these happy people seemed to be enjoying it all!

    Hugs - Mary

    1. Thank you Mary. The rain stopped but it was totally cloudy. Last year we had so wonderful sunny spring weather that we even could sit outside and have lunch while watching all the fun. It was super fun also this year but just couldn't enjoy the weather :)

  2. What fun!! You have captured it well Henrietta!

  3. Ai Helsingissäkin oli sama tapahtuma, kivaa! Täällä Barcelonassakin oli, aika erilaisia kuvia minulla kun aurinko paistoi ..sitäpaitsi täällä porukoilla oli varmaan lujempitekoisia tyynyjä kun ei höyneniä NOIN paljon lennellyt ilmassa :D


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